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Welcome to the Richmond KSA Chapter

The purpose of the Scottish Rite Knights of St. Andrew is to bring together any black cap 32° Masons for the purpose of providing opportunities for every member to advance themselves within their Scottish Rite Temple.  


Every Brother Knight of the Knights of St. Andrew take upon an obligation to support their Scottish Rite Temple and Blue Lodge, set the example for other Master Masons, to support and contribute to the Scottish Rite Childhood Language Center, to continuously educate themselves both in Freemasonry and Scottish Rite Masonry and to provide selfless, dedicated service to their Temple by their active participation in any Temple project great or small.  


The Knights of St. Andrew serves the Knight Commander of the Richmond Chapter, who in turn serves the Secretary of the Richmond Temple. 

A St. Andrew Knight's Creed

                by Warbard


I am known as One of Sixty-Three,

Who became the kilted fleur-de-lis,

I am led to battle by Holy Light,

And by De Bruce's decree, I am a Knight.


Whom do I serve?




















Samuel Gomez, 32°

Knight Commander - 2019


Chapter Patron - 2019

Elected Officers


 Ed Creasy, 32°

Knight Warden


 Brad Mena, 32°

Knight Captain


Martin Myers, 32°

Knight Adjutant

David Amstuz, 33° IGH

Patron Emeritus

Appointed Officers


Mark Deal, 32°

Knight Chaplain


TBD, 32°

Knight Marshal


Matt Johnson, 32°

Knight Sentinel


Mark Deal, 32°



SR KSA 2018 11 25.JPG

2019 KSA Officer Installation 

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